Faserlaser-Schneidesystem CMA1540C-G-A

Einsatzbare Materialien
Die Schneidesystem eignet sich dafür, Kohlenstoffstahl, Edelstahl, Aluminiumlegierung, Messing, verzinktes Blech, aluminisierte Zinkplatte, rotes Kupfer und andere verschiedene Metallmaterialien zu verwenden.

Technische Parameter
Modell CMA1540C-G-A
Laserleistung (W) 500-1500
Arbeitsbereich (mm) 1500×4000
Gesamtabmessung (mm) 6400×2200×2000
Gewicht (kg) 4500
Positionsgenauigkeit (mm) ±0.03/1000
Widerholte Positionsgenauigkeit (mm) ±0.02/1000
Maximale Geschwindigkeit (m/mim) 60
Maximal Beschleunigung (G) 0.8
Stromversorgung Drei Phasen 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Arbeitsumwelt Temperatur: 5~ 40°C Feuchtigkeit: ≤80% kein Kondenswasser, kein Staub oder weniger Staub


Product Feature
1. Equipped with a strengthened welded lathe bed, rack double drive system and a finish milling processed imported gantry. The non-metal laser cutting machine is annealed and processed by vibration aging technology to relieve stress and control the deformation deviation within ±0.02mm.
2. The crossbeam is made of drawn aluminum profiles and processed by finishing machining. It is lightweight, rigid and offers good dynamic performance.
3. The cutting head features leapfrog function. Parabolic motion is adopted when cutting contours and leapfrog movement is available when switching cutting contours, which greatly improves cutting efficiency.
4. The crossbeam features system-controlled automatic concentrated lubrication without manual intervention, which ensures the motion precision and service life of the transmission parts.

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